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A Hebrew name female sometimes called lem for short . Lemuella's tend to be ambitious, caring , smart , GORGEOUS! opinionated and VERY secretive . They have have a lot to hide and you should consider yourself lucky if she shares any one of them with you . She acts tough but deep down she has lot on her mind . Very imaginative and comes up with the most 'crazy ' ideas. She has a smile which lights up the whole room when she walks in . She's a sweet girl really but she's just not sure who to trust , there's a lot to her once you get to TRULY know her. She's short and usually has brown eyes . She hates taking no for an answer and stands up for what's right . She doesn't like hurting her friends it will probably hurt her more than it will hurt you . She has a nice ass and a very nice figure if you give her time . She's a VERY freaky and you may think she's joking but she's not generally means it . She aims high and knows what she wants . When it comes to boys let's say she's crap at that . She wants someone to care for her and even though she won't admit it but she believes in love and soul mates and the whole consept . She wants a S.O who she can share her thoughts with and just bonnie and clyde with but unfortunately she hasn't found that eventhough I'm right here . She won't make the first move in a relationship because she's scared of rejection of you want her you have to tell her otherwise she'll just like you hoping you will say something . She also loves play fighting
Wow lemuella's such a FREAK I love her

But she's fragile so handle with care
by Timmy debo March 04, 2018
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