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real name: lauren (most likely)
the most annoying, irritating, talented, attractive, hilarious, smart, person youll ever meet

she will break your feelings because she has too many friends so she will forget about you without even noticing but youll get over it.

try not to get too attached, make her laugh, wish to marry her when its 11:11, and you should hopefully be able to have her in your life :)
dress good as well and send a good meme every so often

dont send S for streaks, make it seem more intriguing

and make the first move since she never i mean never texts you first
she doesnt really judge others but obviously dont go crazy and thats it tgat should in theory get her heart to look at you dont take that the wrong way
β€œhey that girl seems like such a lauren”

β€œyea lauren hurt my feelings i feel attacked β€œ

i bet you lauren would thumbs this up

lauren was a geat person
Dont mind me, I just hung out with leinan to make myself feel better
by thesecondbestdefiner August 06, 2018
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