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Blaine is the best admin here followed by apple, Rd, and Jaedon. He better than all of them combined times 24
by BlaineIsLitAF June 26, 2018
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A roblox group with the best admins! Basically becuase Kixg_Peyton is in it. Without him the group would be dead, so the group now is basically amazing because he's here. Peyton, however has several issues with some people at LS, They are irrelevant and jealous of Peyton's success. Peyton is also better than Apple, willa, and Cloudy eyes all together! Here's some reasons/ examples;
ApplePie712- Has a obsession over cookies, and her son is like older than her :/
Willa1234up- She likes so many boys here to the point where she is bootleg Taylor swift

Cloud- Calls peyton a bed wetter when she sleeps with a nightlight OOOOh

Legends Secret; Dude did you see that new island?!?
Other dude; Nope I'm gonna check it out!
by Skittle_Man June 26, 2018
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