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An event, typically between three or more patrons, where participants tangle their legs together while hanging out to show platonic affection. This often occurs while watching movies, playing games, during class breaks /recess and while sitting on floors (with or without mattresses.)

Although very similar to cuddling these two things are not to be confused. Cuddling is a more conscious action using the majority of one’s body to display romantic affection to one or more people. Leg Salad is an unconscious effort, whether it be due to limited couch space or just wanting to be closer to friends. Typically only waist down is what body parts are used during a leg salad but it is never limited to this. (Sitting on top of people, as long as neither are uncomfortable or angry, is considered Leg Salad.) No arms are used in Leg Salad so things such as phones and fidget toys can be used.
"Sorry we were late for class, we were tangled in a good leg salad and no one wanted to get up."

"Everyone thinks we're in a poly relationship because we often find ourselves in a leg salad"
by voidkid August 01, 2017
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