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A leetboss is a person who's a scavenger of inexpensive online goods online. Usually they tend to be between the ages of 18-24 and never have much money.

LeetBosses usually have higher than average intelligence and are often of Asian decent, though this may not always apply. They tend to be very stealthy, especially when gaming, watching anime, or engaging in other socially unacceptable activities.

In the end no matter how unappealing a leetbosses' lifestyle is in RL they always know where to get a deal.
omg there goes those leetbosses again, always looking for online deals.

dude stop watching anime and eating lays, only a leetboss would do that.
by cookiecutter67238 November 23, 2009
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A leet boss is a dude who is a beast at finding inexpensive things. Usually between the ages of 16-24 these people often live frugal lives of cup noodles and soda. While struggling to save up every last dollar these guys represent the majority of electronics sale attendees. Often they buy lots of cheap stuff in hopes to maintain their inactive lifestyles of playing games, watching anime, and eating junk food.
Charlie: Dude stop playing with that, you've been at it all night. I'm worried for you man, your turning into a leet boss.

Homer: Oh, don't worry about it. It'll be fine tomorrow.

My room mate is such a leet boss. All he does is play games and since the internet was invented he never needs to go outside to buy anything again.
by mcchompstur November 23, 2009
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