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Leenoy or someone who is caring beautiful to everyone. She is so nice and beautiful inside and out. She’s so caring about her friends and likes the defend them in herself. She’s very adventurous and likes to travel the world. She wants to be friends with everyone and makes friends very easily. She is very likable and smart. She is the opposite of selfish and always make sure her friends have a smile on their face . She has some insecurities but doesn’t realize that they are not true. She’s hard to understand. She’s creative and talented in many ways. She someone you should care about and be nice too. She’s always looking her best and always makes you feel good about yourself. She is the opposite of selfish and enjoys sports.
Leenoy : hey want to hang out ?

Friend: I wish I could but I have a test to study for

Leenoy: OK maybe next time but text me if you need help

Friend: OK thanks Leenoy
by Hrhfbfjfbfjfbkslakbdjdbdb October 28, 2017
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