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a pet name fora girl who is talkative, kind, and over all a really cool person. She will probably be really social and have a general sweet nature.A girl who gets called leebear will be kinda weird but in a good way, and will not be a shy person. She will probably get in trouble for talking to much, or will do goofy stuff for no reason.This girl will be really smart but feel like she's not gonna amount to anything. She is also extremely beautiful, but doesn't know it, and won't really believe it when she gets compliments.
Girl1: " hey, leebear!"
Girl2: "heyyyyy "
Girl1:" was sup?"
Girl2: "nothing much, sing disney songs with me?"

boy:" hey leebear, looking beautiful today"
girl:" you think so? "
girl" ok..if you say so..."
by craycrayorchdork June 07, 2013
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