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Main Entry: learn·shop

Pronunciation: \-ˌshäp\
Function: noun

1. n. A low-cost, high-energy informational teaser generally targeting adults between 18-40 and facilitated by a specialist or industry thought-leader. Facilitators are generally affiliated with the corporation, The LearnShop.

2. n. Intellectual property compiled by The LearnShop on behalf of associated teachers, trainers, coaches, tutors, and mentors.

2. v. To conduct a learnshop.

Not to be confused with The Learning Shop, which is a toy store.
Dude, you better take a learnshop before you start that project...

Are you sure you want to change your major before taking a learnshop?

We should do a Golf learnshop for the new interns. I think Jack was putting backwards the whole time.
by jdorsey November 03, 2009
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