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the leaky meat bucket was a river faring vessel, captained by Ump and Buggly, the ships cargo was raw meat that had once been frozen but thawed on the long journy in the deserts sweltering heat. The juices from the rancid meat pooled in the floor of the boat and the putrid smell lingered for miles up river. Ump and Buggly grew used to the smell but every other boater on the canyon wretched and heaved their lunches when catching the smallest whif of her stern. there has never been another vessel like it nor will there ever be...
You could tell the leaky meat bucket had just ran lava falls... the eddy behind it was coated by a spectacular glimmering sheen of rancid meat slime and the sweet smell of rotten meat filled the air.
by squirrelbutter June 16, 2017
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