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Richard Stern, username rickyste on YouTube, is a YouTube comedian and critic. Under the video persona "Lazydork", Stern keeps his face characteristically unshaven and sported glasses, pajamas and a blue bathrobe.

Stern gained notoriety on YouTube by adopting his "Lazydork" persona for tongue-in-cheek rap videos.3 Two of his most popular take aim at YouTube starlets: Just Like Emmalina: Lazydork Raps (posted June 10, 2006), which received over 690,000 views, and LonelyGirl: Lazydork is Better Than You (posted August 1, 2006), which amassed over 1,000,000. In May 2007, Stern became a "YouTube partner". This status let him capitalize on "promotional opportunities" and advertiser based revenue sharing. In June 07, Stern removed himself from the partner program. He has not publicly explained why he did so.Recently he has returned to Youtube as of September 07.
Ricky: I just watched some of Lazydork's videos, they were fucking hilarious!

Lauren: I Know! You should check out his podcast, the Lazydork Radio Hour!
by Noah A May 23, 2008
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