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To excrete an exquisite poo. A large, majestic, log like turd. Few people are capable of "laying an ace" but those who are.... we are a league like no other. Be proud of your creations, an ace is often easy to pass, moist, thicc, and nut scrapingly long. It's the Ricky Bobby of all dumps, the Mick Dundee of the brick laying world! If your Lou doesn't choke on your ace, it is not an ace. Aces are often laid at house parties or puplic bathrooms with unspeakably small thrones, or at porta jons where everyone can bask in the glory of the ace that you get to call your own.
To lay an acemeans to have one of the biggest poops of your life, often clogging the toilet "Bro I just laid the Opra Winfrey of all aces, I tried to send a pic but it took up too many gigs" "how do you do it bro, I could never lay even a half ace, you're an animal bro"
by 4GKLOS2 May 25, 2017
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