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Ok lawnuka is december 20 every year. on the very first lawnuhka the little mexicans boys have is the most speacial b/c they get the first part of the lawnmower, which will be comple in the next 13 year. As the years move on the little mexican boys get a new part to their mower every year, and then on the 13th year the mexican boy will get his finally get is last part to his mower. Then after that the fun just begins, all the mexicans who have their mower go out on their pick up trucks and mow the white peoples yards for 7 night and 7 days, and the little mexicans who havent completed their mower, watch and train until they can first mow!

And if your wondering how they get riding lawn mowers, ill will tell you.
If the child is very good over the years he will recive parts of a riding long mower to do those longs yards aheah in life!
"Why didnt you attend the annual lawnuhka festival?" asked Raul c.

"Because Im not spanish and i was to busy muff diving."
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