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Lawgiver refers to Toyota's Weapon of mass destruction in World of Warcraft.
Lawgiver while owning nothing in particularly:
"did you see me lay down the law?"
by Insanepirate November 22, 2007
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Law giver= Lazy And Working.
Someone who is employed, usually only worked for one company etc in their life. Constantly having a go at unemployed people, mainly to hide the fact that they have no life skills of their own and could end up unemployed themselves one day, (and try to get out of doing anything at work if they can- quite often have a beer belly!).
Mainly marry young and treat their wives like a surrogate mother and skivvy.
Often read gutter press tabloid newspapers to arm their politically narrow minded and bigoted idealistic views.
Law giver usually driving a works van, 'Look at all them lot coming out of the Unemployment Centre' (wind's van window down and shouts out while passing)'Get a Job you lazy bastards'.
Unemployed person whispers to himself 'another bigoted Law giver' after spending 4+ hours trying to find a job in said Unemployment Centre (job centre).
by Greg Claassen July 11, 2008
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