A term for a cool person. Usually can dance well. Dislikes egotistical assholes and hangs out with fabulous dudes.
Egotistical asshole: I think that guy doesn't like me.
Fabulous dude: Of course not. He's a Laurinaitis.

Random person: Look at that guy! He's such a good dancer.
Random person 2: Duh, he's a Laurinaitis.
by LietandtheDuchy August 23, 2011
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A girl with great style. Likes hiphop, puffing on green ones and writing in her creative diary.
"Yo man, who that pretty ass girl across the street?"

"Don't know man, looks like a Laurina to me."
by TURNDOWNFORWHAT?! September 7, 2016
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Laurina she is a naughty naughty girl. Her cooking leaves room for improvement so does her looks but she also has amazing qualities. Laurina can also be used as a word for a nice, naive but sligthly dumb girls.
Hahaha she just walked into a glass door she‘s so laurina.
by cowboygbob November 23, 2021
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