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One of the most amazing and beautiful and worthy of the best life imaginable people you could meet. She deserves the best of everything she is funny and smart and never let's you down it is actually ridiculous how loyal and caring she can be. I can write a while ducking paragraph on her for heaven's sake. She will literally go anywhere with u for u she will stand by u and never go against u she has never been cruel or hurtful she is the most beautiful person on this earth and deserves the best boyfriend ever she deserves for her dreams to come true and the light she has to be shown to the world because it is actually ridiculous that this person gets to bless peoples lives and gets to be with people and if u r her friend u r one of the luckiest people on this planet and u should value and love her. Lauren Ingram deserves to never feel pain or heartbreak she deserves to have her dreams come true and she deserves people around her who appreciate her no matter how they feel who r glad

They can just talk to her and be in the same ducking room as her just to hear her speak or to see her dance cause that's just ducking amazing.
Lauren Ingram is *every complimentary word in every language fictional or real *
by Yodelehihoo July 31, 2018
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