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Lauren Alexander is the most amazing and charismatic person that you will ever come in contact with. She's a great friend and 9.5/10 people love her. She's never wrong and when she knows what she wants she goes for it. You don't want to get on her bad side. If you screw her over she will lay punishment on you, but overall Lauren is the most amazing and wonder and beautiful human on the planet.
Friend: I'm having relationship issues

Friend #2: just call Lauren Alexander! She's great with advice

Friend: oh no! I'm about to loose my streak with Lauren Alexander

Friend #2: you better snap chat her back! Bad things will happen if you don't
by Samantha Munro March 14, 2017
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Can be a worthless prick, but people see this person to be somewhat useful. Said person usually loves anime.
by Your F**king Mom September 13, 2018
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