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When you start randomly laughing or laughing at something and can't stop laughing. Kind of like a heart attack. This only applies to 0.000001% of the people around the world
I get laughattacks
Laughattacks are fun.
Laughattacks are smexy <3
by IAMAWESOMEANDWEIRD October 16, 2011
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When a person/people laugh out loud non-stop for at least a good 3
to 4 minutes over something hysterical, funny or even silly. The person/people may start crying (joy) and shaking accompanied with a slight pain in the stomach and the ribs. They may have difficulty in speaking during a laugh attack.
The room rocked with laughter as Morgan, Grant, Aziz and Holden watched Monty Python's Flying Circus on Holden's flat screen TV. The guys were laughing hysterically,

each doubling over from a laugh attack which had gone on for a good 3 -5 minutes. Aziz was on the floor, cracking up, holding his ribs. Morgan tried to speak, but he was still having a laugh attack---he just shook his head, slouching on the couch, before putting his red face back in his hands.
by Babydoll75 March 07, 2019
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When you get really baked at cant stop laughing at something you thought was funny.
There is no better dope-smoking experience than having an hour-long laugh attack with a friend.
by god has balls April 17, 2010
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