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Little cocky fucker who is most commonly ginger. Has a small pecker
Hey do you see that ginger his name is obviously latral
by Cutezing May 20, 2017
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Latral is a very nice guy. He's good with the ladies. He most likely would have a girl name keyarra he's very athletic, he's very good at basketball and he usually would wear designer and he have a huge penis
Latral is very smart and athletic
by Latral April 13, 2018
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He's good with the ladies, when he say he loves you he really mean it he loves to play basketball he's very athletic he's a gentle man he would most likely date a girl name keyarra he has a big penis, he's super cute and he love to wear designer clothing.
Latral is very good with the ladies
by Latral April 12, 2018
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