A mental state in which one finds them-self uncontrollably attracted to persons of Latin decent. Symptoms of Latin fever may include: extreme laziness, uncontrollable muscle spasms when exposed to the sounds of maracas or Shakira's voice, money loss, euphoria when chili powder or other similar substances are ingested, and tongue rolling. Latin Fever was first observed in the 1990's when a new OTC drug called TACOS was under production by the company Ese International. Although it was primarily studied scientifically after the production of TACOS, many argue that Latin Fever has been around for centuries in most of South American, Spain, and Mexico.TACOS stands for Translation Advancement Cognitive Oral Supplement, and was a drug intended to increase one's ability to comprehend as well as speak the Spanish language. The drug TACOS never made it through the testing phase as the list of side effects greatly outweighed the positives, however many users found themselves very successfully understanding Spanish. Ese International was charged with "money laundering" cash illegally acquired through drug trade in Mexico. Production was cut short and was never completely finished, yet it is rumored that there are still TACOS still out there, but they are very rare and very hard to find. If you experience symptoms of Latin Fever, call 911 immediately.
John Smith: "This Shakira song is SO SICK! I can't stop dancing"
Juan Lopez: "Chu got chorself a leetle bit o dat Latin Fever Ese! Don't fight it amigo!"
by TheUrbanKiller May 19, 2014
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