maunever done by laser tag experts(i.e., assholes); in this manevuer, both arms are raised, the body is always turned sideways towards opponents, the person doing the dance is always jumping around while shooting, and the gun is above the head. This results in the person doing the dance covering almost all of their targets, all of the time (targets on the vest and gun); this dance is extremely annoying to everyone who does not do laser tag every fucking day and just wants to enjoy themselves.
Bob: Dude I got kicked from Lazer Tag today.
Dave: That sucks! Why?
Bob: Cause some guy was doin the Laser Tag dance for like 10 minutes and kept shootin me and pissing me off.
Dave: So what did you do?
Bob: I melee-ed him in the face and the warden saw.
Dave: You melee-ed him? That's so kick ass!
by Cheddar-Bob February 25, 2005
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a way of dominating a laser quest game;;really good laser quest junkies do this;;it looks like they are trying to dance;;looks very stupid but is a way of winning the game;;The gun is sideways;;they are constantly moving to not get hit;;the people that always come in first place are always doing a laser tag dance
Amanda:Did you see that guy dressed in the Winnie the Poo outfit?He must be like 60 years old!
Sam:Yea,hes doing a laser tag dance. Plus he is the number 1 player at Laser Quest.How does he do it?
by Macie July 28, 2005
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