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A lase kid is in no way relative to a real hardcore.
A lase kid is a type of teen that has claimed a "hardcore scene" by the way they dress eg: late 80's hardcore-bandana, flannlette shirt(mexican gangster), or black attire with 'skinnyleg' pants and dyed hair and blacked nails(post hardcore), no lase kid wears the influencial style of hardcore acts such as 'black flag or minor threat'(which is of course- plain wear...t-shirts and jeans).
Lase kids claim they found this scene for themselves after realising it was 'different'(which is not true as nearly every young kid does it these days)
Lase kids initially listened to top chart hits or had no opinion in music eg: never listened to it.
Many lase kids have been born from the new cult site "myspace" as they can get away with being hardcore to complete strangers who are none the wiser of there true identity.
-That 14 year old kid dressed in all black acting all hardcore is such a lase kid!
by greget November 15, 2006
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