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Laroyia is a person who has a strong potential she has a bad attitude but that’s just a ways of showing people that she loves them. She can be annoying at sometimes but she cares . She can be annoying at time but it’s also caring . She is a very loyal and truthful person she has no filter if she makes u mad she mont care so it’s best not to make an big issue out of it . She can show positivity to a person she really don’t like to be petty . She is a very petty person so be careful. If she don’t like she will tell you she has no filter and she will show lots of disrespect tqorads you if she doesn’t like u. She loves her family if she gets to have one. She loves and cares for everyone. It’s best not to cross her wrong or she will come for u. She has have a troubled life and she feels she can’t let no one in . She always keep a small circle. And she is a brazzy.baaby
Laroyia is a person that is good and bad and she’s a crazy.baaby😆
by Laroyia May 14, 2018
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