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A bipolar random fun person with crazy as their normality. Noticing the most smallest things about a person, they are a great person to go when sad or feeling down. A lot of the times, they are sad themselves, but because of their bipolar personalities, you won't ever most likely to tell unless you know them REALLY well! They are great partners and is always there when you need them. They only trust very few people and don't have major friend circles. Friendly on the outside, pouring hate on the inside. They can also be very straightforward even though they might not mean to. Don't ever reject a lamisa cause they're one of a kind. They can love you but they won't afraid to shoot you either! Their outgoing sense also helps when coming in contact with one because they don't judge and are more acceptable of people.
Boy: I wish i could tell how she's feeling :/
Girl: It's hard to tell, she can be bipolar
boy: why is that?
girl: she's a lamisa! you can't ever really tell unless you know them well.
by icebaby4567 February 13, 2014
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