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An average to less than average car, which has been elevated in it's owners eyes to something much more than it is. This owner usually suffers from delusions of grandeur, and actively engages in the act of welling. Owners of lamborghini poompompos will sometimes be seen discussing thier cars with people with little to no knowledge of automobiles, and attempt to convince them that thier car is, in fact, a lamborghini poompompo, a model custom-made for them. Tragically, the belief that thier car has racing prowess usually goes along with this belief, resulting in many a loss for the weller who owns this particular poompompo.
As young christopher drove by the little league game, he felt a surge of confidence as he flipped the switch to activate the 2,000 LEDs mounted on his lamborghini poompompo (badly mauled and abused first-gen honda CRX). He knew the only thing to do now was the rev it up to 8,000 RPM for no reason, save to send the roar of the poompompo to the heavens.
by Mac Sauce October 28, 2006
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