Lamaya is the most amazing person you will ever meet. She isn't one to take shit from anyone and will tell you like it is. She is gorgeous, funny, loud, and just a little petty. She's been through hell in her early years and is resilient through it all. She is a cheerleader and a great one too. She is dedicated to her team and has a very high spirit. She's is never in a low mood and if she is something terrible has to causing it. She is known to brighten everyone's mood and is a great motivation. Lamaya has no hair color she dyes it too much that no one but family and close friends have seen her natural color. She has big brown eyes, long legs, she's really small, and soo beautiful.
I wish Lamaya was here i'm feeling low.
by Baby Back Ribs June 02, 2018
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A cute ass girl tht lives life and tht dont give a fuck about no one
Ooooh look at tht girl lamaya she dont give a fuck about no one
by Lammmyy June 18, 2018
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