A school that commonly says "It's a great day at Lake State!", although it usually never is. While they have one of the worst hockey teams, the school is also usually pretty bad to it's 2,100 students. After firing some of the best professors there, the school remodeled a building for its smallest academic departments.

The location of the University is perfect... mainly for people that like snow, temperatures below zero, and Canadians. The local town of Sault Ste Marie is pretty boring too. During the school year, the only nightlife available is called "The Three B's": Booze, Bowling, and Betting (for the local casino).

The school also regularly forgets to pay it's electric bill.
Friend 1: "Hey, what's the name of that small school in the middle of nowhere of the UP?"
Friend 2: "That's Lake Superior State University!"
by FckLSSU December 27, 2017
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