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That one girl that seems to always be there. She's a great listener, but can't really give out advice. She's your best friend and you don't even know it. She's also pretty and loyal to all she meets, but don't get on her bad side... she can release a wrath worse than the great depression.
You've got to get yourself a Laiza. Very useful when you're in a blue mood.
by LesQueen December 21, 2016
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She's beautiful inside and out. She's stunning and wise. She's got an outgoing personality yet she's quite an introvert. She's quirky and funny in a weird cute way. Laiza's trustworthy and loyal. She knows exactly what to say. She fights for her beliefs and the truth. Laiza is a good person
You can sense when Laiza walks in the room, her pressence is so exhilarating.
by dudesoperfect123 December 24, 2016
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