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Laughing as I fuck you in the ass.

Similar to lol lmao and rofl but only phaggotass phaggots say rofl because no one has ever actually rofled after anything, especially if you're sitting in a dark rhume diddling your taintpipe. It's just for attention-starved asswipes who can't coin there own stimulating, creative acronyms like me.
Pony Boy: laifuita

Fucklife: lafluida. Hey Karen, wanna make some apple butter? We can start by skraping my taint and bare spot, because as everyone knows, I have no balls and am wasting my life with a ridiculous, conflicted tease who would rather take satisphaction from leading someone down a dark and windy road of celibacy than engage in the most basic, necessary functions of life. Fucking for christ sake. I'M NEVIR GETING LADE!!! WHERE'S MY KOOKING SHOW!!

Shitwad: la-looooooool!!

Pony Boy: ¡VIVE LA LOL!

Shitwad: ho-HUH!

Pony Boy: GTFOH!
by infiniti April 04, 2005
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