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Lagends are usually very tall and deep voiced. They usually have darker colored skin and loves comics. They especially live super heroes and Marvel's Avengers. Lagends will curse in front of a unknown crowd, and is not afraid to yell at any times. Lagends will usually fall for the cutest person it the class, and get rejected without the person thinking about it. Lagends will not take other people's shit and doesn't bother with stuff that won't affect them after the day ends. They may not be the nicest, but if you don't get on his nerves and be nice, you will see his good side. And lagends love getting attention. Just maybe not detentions
Dude, that kid won't stop yelling in the cafeteria! He so loud!

Oh yeah... That's lagend... He talks like that.... It's basically one notch above whisper for him.

Oh.... Great... That still doesn't change the fact that he is annoying still...
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by Name_Goddess May 26, 2018
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