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verb; To be stuck behind someone who walks like a "balla". The person walking slow (swagg) tends to have a "dgaf" walk with swaying shoulders and their knees slightly bent when walking to add the their badass factor. The swagg tends to take their time and think they're the coolest shit around. Usually this person will be listening to their iPod/mp3 so saying "excuse me" has no effect. To be the lag in the situation, you will find yourself trying to get to a destination, but the swagg will be taking their time and there's no way to maneuver your way around them so the result is you're pissed off while walking slow right behind the swagg thinking. "hurry the fuck up, you're not cool"; hence, lag behind a swagg.
Friend 1: Hey, why did you take so long to get the milk?

Friend 2: I was lag behind a swagg, it was damn near impossible to get around him in the tiny aisle!

Friend 1: Wow, what a douche bag thing to do.
by Hello Pocket Asian February 19, 2009
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