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A rare sub-population of dyke. Often of unkempt appearance and usually sporting a flannelette shirt complemented by a pair of skate shoes &/or boots.

Although similar to the common 'butch dyke' or 'bulldyke' in demeanor, obesity and general shitness: lady pooftas are distinguishable by the appearance of foam under the armpit (particularly prominent in hotter climates) and highly pronounced facial and back hair. Further differentiation also arises in the feet and genitals, where phenotypically webbed-toes and a large clitoris are observed.

Due to this particularly large clitoris, most lady pooftas are capable of producing what is commonly referred to as a 'veginis'.
#1 'Dude did you hear about Tammy?'
#2 'Tammy? That lady poofta on 5th and Main?'
#1 'Yeah dude, Sarah tells me she pulls a pretty convincing veginis'
by Lemistree June 10, 2011
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