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Extremely hot. Goofy and loud .shy to people she doesn't really know. She doesn't like to let guys in because she thinks her life is perfect the way it is without a man .deep down she wants to be loved but she isn't open enough to accept a man's love. Gives great advice .she couldn't leave you even if you were her worse enemy .she is usually a shy freak .you will never know what she is capable of in bed because she never lets the cat out of the bag .she is usually very smart but she is popular smart. No one will ever believe she didn't really do half the things she said she didn't. She is very forgiving and friendly to everyone she meets. She never corrects you when you're wrong because she hates confrontation. Definitely a girl you would take to your family
Wow she is an all around beauty she has to be a labrittney .
by Kandice April 05, 2018
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