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Arabic origin,meaning most beautiful from heaven.
Most laaibahs according to urban culture; kind, loving, intelligent, caring and helpful. Quite vocal and have a very sweet tooth!
by Rida_Deen August 24, 2016
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Amazing and beautiful everything youve ever wanted in your life. Everyone needs some laaibah time because well shes laaibah. She is a very good friend and will
Not stop till she gets what she wants.
Woaaawwww laaibahs amazing you know
by Amazing unknown persin December 09, 2017
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She is an incredibly hardworking girl who is cute and sweet. She is normally very funny and will make u laugh until you can’t breathe. It might take you a long time to get close to her, you just have to be patient. Laaibah’s are one in a million so if you know a Laaibah, you are lucky to have her as your friend.

Wow that girl is such a Laaibah....
by Jenna0 October 24, 2017
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