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La Pichona is a name as well as an essence. She is an overweight, hispanic woman with arching eyebrows that reach to the sky, a tweety-bird tattoo on the back of her calf to show off the loss of her inocence, and also a wicked mustache. She uses purple lipstick that you might find in the 1990's, and she is very aggressive when it comes to sex. When hanging with the cholos, she has been known to kick open the front door and yell, "ala verga, putos!" she also tends to have a side-kick a "friendemy" named "La mapacha"

person a: holy shit dude!! look at that chick!!

person b: dude dont look at her. thats a "la pichona"! she will rob you and rape you. the two "Rs"
by chrisonio gamsco June 20, 2011
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