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The language people are speaking when they t4|k l1k3 7h15. Spoken by the l33t. Produced by substituting numbers or charachters (or groups thereof) for letters. "A" becomes "4", or "/\" or "/-\". "B" becomes "8" or "|3", and so on and so forth. Some substitutions are mandatory: When speaking l33t, one does no use "you", but "j00". Similarly, "0"s should be substituded for "o"s whereever possible.
STFU Name j00 n00b j00're teh gh3y l4m3r phukk3r! 3y3 4m l33t!!!1
by Deuce on Guard August 31, 2003
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Stupidity based on the notion that a bunch of characters and numbers resemble letters, when in fact they don't. Not only does a 4 not look like an A, and a 3 doesn't look like an e, but the use of these substitutions results in a bunch of utterly useless and totally pointless phrases. Contrary to what a lot of losers believe, trying to make yourself understod through this type of comunication doesn't make you cool.
`/0|_| 4/>3 4 |=|_4/\/\1/\/6 #0/\/\053><|_|4|_ now can anyone tell what that says? no. I rest my case.
by anti-leet May 29, 2004
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The full name for the language used by someone who can sp34k l33t. Often simply known as 'l33t'. Sometimes spelled 'l33tspeak'
by Chelonaut February 07, 2003
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