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The word "lål" often occurrs when a Nordic peson is writing "lol"
Mårten says: LÅL, what was that...?
by Oscar Jay May 12, 2005
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lål = lol. Pronounced the same, means the same, used the same. As you might have guessed from the quålity vowel, this is a Nordic (although primarily a Scandinavian) version of lol and it clærly løøks møre cøøl.
13375P33X !D10T - n00b n44b u g0t pWNED!
Normal Gamer - lål you sad little 13 year-old kid
13375P33X !D10T voted out Normal Gamer
13375P33X !D10T left the game
by The|Beige|Volvo January 05, 2006
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Short for the term 'Live A Little' but much cooler then YOLO! Used by extreme hipsters and people who like to live on the edge.
Bree: "Should I wrap my head in Yellow streamers and call myself Shelby?"

John: "LAL"
by Johnnyyyy94 September 21, 2012
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Lal - A common computer phrase which is derived from the forthcoming words Lol/Lawl.
Example - Reply to a previous statement: Lal that was funny.

Example in a conversation -
Statement: I are teh Ninja!
Reply: Lal
by Zubair Patel December 07, 2007
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Lei av lol.

Norwegian for "tierd of lol"
Per: Morra di er tjukk!
Anders: LOL!
Ailo: LAL
by Mradii October 20, 2008
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