The crossed fingers on the gang sign stands for being linked to your bredrins then the L is for all the other little yutes that ain’t in the gang because they are taking fat L’s while the L gang is smoking fat L’s.
We are L gang you yutes go take some L’s
by Bigmanjames(L gang) December 19, 2017
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The L gang is a group of bad pretty sexy hot funny loving crazy bitches. They all share eternal love to each other and hate fake motherfuckers. They are a family. They do the best parties and hangout with the best people. They are THE GANG, the most unique group of individuals is part of this group, of this gang, of this family. If you wanna be in this group you gotta be veeeeryyy lucky, if you’re not in the group or you’re not friends with anybody in this group you fucking suck. You don’t wanna mess with any of them because they will all mess with you, so stay out of their way.
Example 1
Person 1: oh look it’s the L gang
Person 2: I wish I was part of their group

Example 2
Person 1: omg the L gang is coming
Person 2: act cool, you don’t want them noticing you
by Luligamer November 25, 2019
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