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A girl with starlight in her eyes and a smile that can change lives. She is the definition of curvy beauty and magnificence. She has had horrible things happen to her but that's only made her stronger and more willing to shine. She is very shy but once she gets comfortable around you, she becomes an adventure worth taking. She is random and extremely smart. Her voice is that of the angels and has the body of a goddess. She dances like she has wings and loves writing poetry. She sacrifices everything for everyone and doesn't give a second thought to how it effects her. She is made of love and hope. If you meet her, latch and never let go. Her laugh is the cutest thing, she is the cutest thing even if her height and gorgeous hips tell you otherwise. She is unforgettable and so deserving of a better world. She completes me.
Example: Kymberlyn is a badass motherfucker bitch. Back up! Back up!! She is coming through!! Step away from the fucking deliciousness!!!
by GraceAndSass July 03, 2014
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