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A creature that is found in the woods without a belly button. The normal features of one are black hair and blue eyes, along with a "What... am I?" attitude, but not necessarily.
Dude, where's your belly button? Are you a Kyle XY?
by nikkimitsuko July 18, 2006
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1. An underrated TV series.

The first episode of season 1 starts with a black haired, blue eyed, 16 year old boy with no belly button. He wakes up in a forest outside of Seattle, covered in goo. He is clueless about everything and suffers from Amnesia.

Later in the show, with the help of his foster family, Kyle finds out that he was an experiment clone. His number was 781227. Due to unsafe happenings, he was saved, and thrown out into the woods by a helpful man.

In the process of him becoming a clone, they filled his brain with mathematical problems.

Kyle's mind is like a sponge. It soaks up every piece of information it receives.

Kyle XY's Pilot episode first appeared on ABC Family June 26, 2006 in USA. Season 1 was very popular. As Kyle began to understand everything and was not funny like in the first season, seasons 2 and 3 went downhill. Unfortunately, there will not be any more seasons after that, due to the unpopularity of the show.

The show Kyle XY was created by Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber. Main Cast:
Matt Dallas - as Kyle.
Marguerite MacIntyre - as Nicole Trager.
April Matson - as Lori Trager.
Jean-Luc Bilodeau - as Josh Trager.
Bruce Thomas - as Stephen Trager.
Chris Olivero - as Declan McDonough.
Kirsten Prout - as Amanda Bloom.
Jaimie Alexander - as Jessi Taylor (season 2 + 3).

2. What you call someone who has blue eyes, black hair and no belly button.
1. Bobert: I'm so happy tonight. Wanna know why?
Robert: Why, Bobert?
Bobert: Because tonight at 7.30 Kyle XY is on!!!!!!!!
Robert: Yay!

2. Cassidy: Dude! You have no belly button!
Kyle: That is my unfortunate case. It is truly a mystery I must solve right away.
Cassidy: Pfft. I'll tell you why. You were an experiment 781227 and you're a clone. You were stuck in some box for 16 years. Then when you were 16, Foss threw you into the woods, leaving you with amnesia.
Kyle: Excuse me???
Cassidy: Oops! You're not supposed to know that until season 2! Dammit, I stuffed up the show.
Kyle: SHOW???
by (( ({>O<}) )) October 09, 2009
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A strange person who tends to talk in a monotone voice and stare dumbly at things and people. He acts like a lobotomy patient. He has clearly dyed black hair, blue colored contacts, and no belly button. His girlfriend always looks suicidal and talks in short sentences.
Amanda (kyle's GF) : kyle. where should i put the suicide note? *sobs*
Kyle XY : Oh. No. Do not do that. *blank stare*
by Louii January 26, 2008
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