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Kyaire gets all the bitches. He is a thurl ass nigga and got his own wave. Niggas hate on him cause he look better then them and dress better then them. He'all fuck your mom 😉
"You know Kyaire he just took my bitch"

"Kyaire so thurl"
by Ky Glizzy March 13, 2017
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Kyaires tend to be quiet but super outgoing. They are shy the first time you meet them. Is really pretty, is also thick as fuck. Loves black people. She's really nice to people but has a hidden attitude so watch out when you reach that point 'cause kyaires' will snap, has A LOT of friends and tends to be popular but kyaires keep their most trusted friends to a minimum and hangs out with her closest friends a lot. Sometimes gets mistaken as anti-social but she's not she's just quiet so approach her because she's nice and a very lovable person. SHE WILL TAKE YO MANS
Person 1: hey, have you seen kyaire??
Person 2: no..why??
Person 1: 'cause going out with my crush now
Person 2: ohh, that's though sis.
by Chocolatehot stuff June 28, 2019
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