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what a weird guy, he likes pie, mind goes awry sometimes he asks why, spy on the sky, fly often but never lie unless to die, smoke pot to get high
sigh...hes shy, blue sky and birds eye...bees fly by and passer-by are wrong...

ky ky loves jen
by ky December 15, 2003
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a person who is extremely caring and continuously tells you how much they love you over and over and over again
my friend is such a kyky, i think he wants to date me
by NydriAyo June 05, 2018
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Kyky is a nic name for a most handsome young man , he's is so awesome his parents wished he was twins,
There goes Kyky ..did you know his parents call him that because they wish he was born a twin,hence the nic name Kyky !
by YCTS 1999 July 24, 2017
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A girl that sucks dick for 5 dollars, she’s not a whore just a one night stand
β€œDude get you a kyky”
by Brebre04 November 21, 2018
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A nickname usually used for the names Kyle and Kylie. But anybody can use the nickname.
My name isn’t Kylie but I use the nickname Ky Ky because my favorite character from South Park is Kyle and my friends find the nickname cute
by KyleTyle from iFunny March 23, 2019
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ky guy for the straight guy, fake, whipped
wow that person is pretty fake, they must be a ky ky
by bj December 17, 2003
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