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Kwena is always a tall, strong, and outrageously handsome man. Born with extremely defined muscles, often compared to Spartans, and is destined for greatness. A prophecy speaks of a Kwena with an afro curled by the angels, a man women can't resist, who will be president of South Africa one day.
e.g Girl 1: Ohmygod, did you see the new guy today?
Girl 2: I did, what a hottie! He must be a Kwena.

e.g 2
Guy: Did you see the race?
Girl: No. How did Usain Bolt do?
Guy: Amazing. He came Kwena Place.

e.g 3
Mom: How did you do in the test?
Son: I got 100%!
Mom: Well done! You did so Kwena.
by Jackson5678965 January 04, 2014
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