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A Kwantrell is a cool guy. Usually black, and gets boners from Asian porn. Sometimes, Kwantrell(s) get a little too tipsy, and will end up fucking a Sarah. One of the coolest people you could know, and will never let you down, ever. They have your back, and will make jokes at appropriate times. Usually found hanging around Target with a scan gun, and threatening people to 'price' them if they don't. On more than just occasion, he will forget that a scan gun is not a real gun, and will go around 'shooting' all the Kyla's. If you have hot cheetos, brace yourself. This is war. Kwantrell will find all the other Kwantrells and create an army just to get the cheetos... so stick to Ruffles or something.
Me: Did you see that?
You: What?
Me: That guy over there...
You: What the fuck, he has a boner...
Me: Yeah, from watching Asian porn.
You: What a fuckin' Kwantrell.
by WhisperingEye4 October 13, 2009
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