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Kurona is romanji jananese for "Dark One" (Kanji: クロナ)

Kurona is a name of a Soul Eater character dubbed into the name Chrona. Chrona Gordon is the son/daughter of Witch Medusa, an unknown-gendered meister. He is also known as the Demon-Swordsman, wielding a legendary sword, his black blood Ragnarok about to become a Kishin. When assisting in reviving the Kishin, Maka uses her purifying wavelength, freeing ragnarok of kishinizing and recruiting him into the DWMA (Death Weapon Meister Academy). He is a tall, skinny 14(ish) year-old witch with short pink hair, known for his shy attitude, "not knowing how to deal with things".
person 1: who's your favorite soul eater character
person 2: Kurona!
by 8888DTK8888 January 17, 2013
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