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Noun, a turd in moition freshly released from the anus in the air gap between the toilet water and the anus. Once the turd touches the toilet water it is no longer a kunkoodle,it is then just an ordinary turd. If the turd is too large to fit in the air gap without touching the water and the anus then it is not a kunkoodle, it is then defined as a FUCKING HUGE TURD! Kunkoodle is ushually used to describe a solid turd, but it may be used to describe liquid poo if the poo is not in one continous stream from the anus to the toilet water. There must be a section of poo isolated from contact with everything but stagnant air between the anus and toilet water. If the word kunkoodle is used to describe liquid dookie then one must use the adjective "liquid" or "aqueous" or some other term used to decribe a flowing substance before the word kunkoodle.
Just think of the moment of silence and releif that occurs as the shit comes out of your ass and just before the plop of the poo in the toilet water.

That sure was a fine kunkoodle.
Gee whiz, I hope I have at least one kunkoodle today!
That old taco meat gave me a liquid kunkoodle!
Damn son, I heard that kunkoodle you had last night; congrats kid you are now a man!
by Gerry Presley September 28, 2007
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