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someone who aggravates, annoys, irritates, etc.... a phrase commonly used from kozhikode to rajkot....
kundamera are all posers!!..from a fudgepacker to you and your mother..

other examples:
1. a person who tells you how to pass an exam, but he/she has never passed the exam themselves after 2+ tries...
2. someone who calls for "stuff", when you have other plans for it.. and startin begging please,please.. similar to crack whores..
3. someone who poses, people who are fans of yankees, chelsea, real madrid mainly..
4. ppl who claim who they aren't, like bollywood bits, who say my role required that i wear bra and panties throughout the film..
5. ppl who talk sh!t and dont back it up..
by prch July 02, 2006
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