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Kumdo is an korean sword art, which is similar to Japanese kendo. Sword arts originate as far back 3000 years ago in the bronze age in korea, but really developed in the three kingdom era. The sword arts developed during this period heavily influenced the sword arts in japan. After the Japanese occupation, kumdo was forced to adopt Japanese uniforms, and this tradition still persists today, though many organizations also use korean uniforms.
Haidong Kumdo is a variant of kumdo that orijinated in the Baekje period, and has heavily influnced Japanese kenjtsu.
I study Chosun Sebup, the most ancient form of Kumdo, which dates back to the 14th century.
by simmdown1 February 11, 2014
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Commonly mistaken as a ripoff of kendo, kumdo is a korean martial art that was developed in conjunction with kendo, its Japanese counterpart. Contrary to popular belief, it was Korea who introduced swordsmanship and swordmaking to Japan, hence the "katanas" you see in koeran dramas.

Many Japanese claim that Koreans are using Japanese swords in dramas, as they do not realize that "katanas" are not uniquely Japanese.

Korean "katanas" are more diverse, and called hwando, yedo, or jingum
Kumdo means "way of the sword."
by Simmerdown December 10, 2012
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