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1.) The bulgarian word for a female dog

2.) An insulting adjective for a woman, often blonde, with a great lack of intelligence, acting so that men and other women of her kind do not appreciate her behaviour. A bitch.

For example: Being a "kuchka" in a man's eyes is not to agree having sex with him. In this case he says: "Tupa kuchka" (Stupid bitch).
Being a "kuchka" in another kuchka's eyes is to have sex with the a.m. man, which she also likes, but he prefers you than her. She says: "Kuchka smotana prosta"

Other phrases:
"Gadna kuchka"
"Deeba i tupata kuchka"

Similar phrases with literal translation:

"Tupa putka" (Vulva Hypnotica) ((Asleep pussy))
"Kurva neshtastna" (Unhappy whore)
"Gadna pacha" (no translation)
"Spurja gnusna" (disgustng spurja)
by Alexi Nicolov July 25, 2006
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