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Refers to someone who has the qualities of a kroz. He is a raging homosexual. Krozar is really a virgin IRL and over 25 years of age, only a homosexual because he'll never get laid if he limits himself to one half of the human species (in fact he may consider other species as not to be too restricted, this especially expands as the krozar gets older).

Despite his RL situation, the krozar pwns everyone OTI (on the interwebs) and is often highly respected, with mod powers, on any epic message board for his artful technique of e-rape and defiling posters and somehow not getting banned even though everyone else does for the same thing. To do this he will often incorporate his extensive book knowledge.

In all he sacrifices RL to win internets.
He just owned the entire thread using quotes from Plato's Republic and raping a volcano. He must be krozar.
by LoliShotgunBueno November 21, 2008
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