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A mix of intriguing personalities, can turn from dotting her I's and crossing her T's impeccable manner to wild and unpredictable, but no less fascinating. Can discuss any subject from Fashion to religion to politics , you name it. Simply herself making no apologies for it. How do you truly describe her? Well how do you catch a cloud and pin it down? She is intellectual, her mind is first class and views are extraordinary. Easily bored, likes to move around and adventurous. Renowned by her charm but don't let that sweet and innocent face fool you for she is extremely fierce, but a lover not a fighter unless you cause her to turn into the hulk that hides inside her. While everyone views her as a sweet, innocent loving persons her quiet side revials a lot about her for she hides the nymphomaniac she is. A woman any man would die for.
Krismelly is a one of a kind, unforgettable girl.
by Nymphomanick January 09, 2014
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